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Giant Cupcake Anyone?

It was my best friend Amy's birthday last week and as a surprise I baked a giant cupcake cake. I got the tin online from prezzybox.com its by Wilton and cost £28.95.

It came with a recipe for a chocolate pound cake which I actually didn't like the sound of and as I wanted just a plain sponge base I used the vanilla cupcake recipe from my Hummingbird bakery cookbook instead and just quadrupled the mix. For my first attempt I have to say it couldn't have turned out any better and was pretty delish although it was a bit of a nightmare to actually cut. I iced it with butter icing (also recipe from hummingbird) with a touch of red colouring to make it pink and sprinkled smarties over the top and put chocolate fingers around the bottom to give the cupcake case effect. So anyway here is a picture of the end result!

As it's valentines day on Sunday I will be making red velvet cupcakes and I bought some lovely little edible hearts and glitter to decorate them.



  1. Red Velvets ..?!?!?!!?! My FAVORITE Yours look delish! You should ship me some... or 5... or 10... or 50 ;;

    HAHA! Just kidding<3

  2. Thanks!! They were absolutely delish! I would ship you some but I don't think they would make the journey haha x


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