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This is my face!

Well here is the look I am currently rocking!! 

Don't I look dashing haha. 

I LOVE FRIDAYS!!  My hubby Dylan is in the RAF and works away for half the week so whilst he is away I like to have some me time and chill out.  So after a long day at work i've had a lovely relaxing evening which involved having a long soak in the bath which I added a big blue bath ballistic from Lush, this smells gorgeous and has seaweed in it (which I thought looked a lot like spiders legs floating around in my bath water). 

I have also slathered on the Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask on my hair and will sleep with it in all night and rinse it out tomorrow morning.  This stuff is great and I always get comments on my hair after using it. 

As for the concoction on my face this is just a face mask which I picked up from Tesco, Skin Wisdom Detox Thermal Mask.  It featured in the Daily Mails Hot 50 Budget Beauty Buys last year.  I have used this numerous times and it feels lovely and warm on your skin and really does make your skin feel soft and glowing. 
I love pampering myself, although I could probably do with some beauty sleep as I'm up early doors tomorrow for Starbucks with the girlies!  Hope you all have a fab weekend xx


  1. When you use the mask do you out something on your hair or you leave it like that when you sleep???

  2. ha, you are very much rocking the facemask look, very fetching indeed :p
    Sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing night! The hair mask sounds lush... I've been looking for a good over night treatment.. I may just have to give this a try! Thanks! :) xx

  3. @lovelyviolet5 - I pretty much slap loads of the stuff (and I mean loads) onto damp hair, massage it in and then leave it and go to sleep with nothing covering it (which makes my pillow smell lovely haha) then shampoo and condition my hair as usual in the morning. I suppose you could cover it with a plastic cap but I move around so much in my sleep it probably woudlnt stay on my head haha x

    @Kirsty - I look awesome don't I haha. The hair mask is great (well, I really like it anyway), you should try it I think its like £8 or something x

  4. Hehe cute look! :) I love scaring my bf with a facemask.xx

  5. I adore face masks! Not least because they make you look well sexy when you have them on :p My boyfriend thinks its fascinating and hysterical all at the same time.


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