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Whats Hot and Whats Not

Hey everyone, well Spring has well and truly sprung!  I have spent most of this weekend down the beach which is my favourite thing about Cornwall, we are so lucky to have a good selection of beaches.  I was totally amazed to find that I actually caught some sun, I mean come on it is April??  Anyway I thought I would do a quick post on things i'm loving and not loving at the mo.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did xx


My husband - Sorry he had to be top of my list
Jaffa cakes -  I have a massive obsession with Jaffa cakes
Heat Mag subscription - I love getting home on a tuesday to find this waiting on my door step
Rayban Aviators - So glad the sun is making a comeback and I get to wear them more frequently
Old school Fairy washing up liquid - This stuff is so bubbly and I love the vintage bottle
Gossip Girl - Crush for this season is Nate (it changes every season)
Johnsons baby - Nothing makes me feel cleaner than smelling like Johnsons baby
Fresh sheets - I love going to bed on fresh sheets, best feeling ever!
Spring flowers - I love daffodils and tulips


Not knowing what to wear in this in between weather!
My hair - I wish it was longer, I'm thinking Vanessa Hudgens flowing locks
My fading tan - Although I managed to top it up a bit this weekend.  It looks like i'll be cracking open the St Moriz soon.
Bumble bees - Bees and wasps really freak me out, I have an uncontrollable phobia of them!

Keep smiling :-)


  1. I'm not liking the weather too much, too hot to wear a jacket, but if you don't wear one it's freezing :(

    I'd love to live by the beach, nearest one to me is Brighton or South End I think, but really far away still.

  2. Yeah I know, this weather sucks! At least its better than rain though.

  3. I so wish I had a Heat subscription- I buy it every week :)
    I also have Ray-Bans, but the Wayfarers :) they're beautiful but there's so many fakes out there :| it's so nice to be able to wear them again :)
    Fresh sheets are the most amazing things!

  4. @blahh I used to buy heat every week from the newsagents and then realised that I could actually use my tesco clubcard points to buy the subscription so I now get it every week and don't use any of my money to pay for it - RESULT! I also have the wayfarers too but the smaller size, I love RayBan they are so classic!


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