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What The Frock? #3 - Maxi dress

As if by some sort of miracle, the sun decided to come out yesterday and after doing the post on my maxi dresses I thought I would take full advantage of the sun and wear one of them. 

I opted for this one

I had a girly night in last night with 2 of my best friends, I cooked a delicious 5 bean chilli, we had face masks and hair masks and drank lots of wine and stayed up chatting until the early hours.  They both stayed over and I made banana pancakes for breakfast this morning YUMMO!! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Keep Smiling


  1. That is just the perfect, summery maxi-dress - lovely :)


  2. Thank you x It's very simple and the material is so light and stretchy xx

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

    The dress looks fab on you x

  4. The dress looks really pretty on you :) Could I ask how tall you are? I really like maxi dresses but i'm scared to wear once incase it makes me look short? xx

  5. cute dress. you look very beautiful too. glad you and your friends had a fun night in. 5 bean chilli always sounds yummy. take care. :)

  6. This dress is gorgeous on you! Glad you had a great night :) xx

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments. I am 5ft 4 so I'm quite short. The dress is a tad too long but I kinda like it that way, I just wish the sun would come out more so that I can wear it again x

  8. Looking gorgeous lady, sounds like you had a wonderful night also! xx

  9. Lovely! There's a tag for you on my blog :) xx


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