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Recent purchases #2

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the best day of the week is finally upon is.  So far since I have come home from work I have done the food shopping, taken Maisy for a long walk, cleared out 2 of my cupboards in my bathroom and had a little mani-pedi whilst watching the inbetweeners on my computer
(I will show you the manicure in a seperate post) 

Thought I would do a little post to share with you a couple of maxi dresses that I recently purchased.  I have a bit of an obsession with River Island at the moment and ended up buying 2 of their maxi dresses.

This is a gorgeous aztec print dress with some beading detail around the bust

This is probably my favourite out of the two and for £25 I wasnt gonna leave it there.

I cannot wait to wear these if the sun ever decides to come out from hiding! 

I have actually had these boots for a few weeks now but really think they should get a mention because they are so gorgeous and comfy! They were £65 which I think is a great price for real leather boots.  I have been wearing them with leggings and skirts (with tights) and I think they look fabio. 

I also bought this cropped bleached denim jacket from New Look which I think will go fab with both of these maxi dresses and just everything in general.

Keep Smiling


  1. I NEED that first dress in my life, seriously! Thank you for sharing your buys! :) x

  2. I also have the River Island boots and I know exactly what you mean about the being comfy!! I could actually live in them :) xx


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