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Whats hot and whats not #2

Hey guys!  I have been so busy recently I haven't really had time to blog. I went to my cousins wedding yesterday which was in a lovely marquee with great views of the countryside. 

Me and my hubbles Dylan.

My gorgeous Neice Morgan.  I love this photo!

Thought I would do a quick whats hot and whats not.

Whats Hot?

1.  St Moritz fake tan - Wowzers, I used this for the first time last week.  I'm not going to a review on it because I think everyone knows how amazing this stuff is. All I will say is that I love everything about it, the ease of application, the non streaky results and the amazing colour.  I will not be forking out £25 for a bottle of St Tropez ever again!

2.  MAC So Chaud lipstick - This colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's a reddy coral colour (a lot like lady danger) I feel so powerful when I wear this lipstick haha

3.  BBQ's and dining alfresco  - I'm so glad the weather is warm now, I love dining outside.  I scrubbed my BBQ like mad last week in preperation for the BBQ season.  There is nothing better than the smell of burgers cooking (unless your vegetarian?!?)

4.  Lady Gaga - I saw her at the O2 arena on Bank Holiday Monday and she was fantastic.  She has such an amazing voice and really put on a great show.  I loved how the show had a story to it as well.

5.  The World Cup - It's the only time I get excited about football.  For some reason I get all patriotic about it.

Whats Not?

1.  My fingernails - They are in such a state at the moment.  I don't bite them or anything but they are just so weak and split like mad.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make them stronger?

2.  Sunday evenings - I hate Sunday evenings purely because work is just around the corner.  I don't hate my job but I just prefer being at home.

3.  Eurovision - I don't know why the United Kingdom bother anymore, what a waste of time and effort.  Although I do enjoy watching it hehe.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

Keep Smiling


  1. You looked beautiful at the wedding. Your shoes are really lovely!!

    I'm a recent St Moriz convert too, isn't it fab! I can't believe it's so cheap! xx

  2. Love your wedding outfit - gorgeous dress in a gorgeous colour - & love how happy you guys look :)

    I know I'm slightly clueless, but being a hugely 'pale & interesting' person, I'm intrigued - how much is this St Moritz tan then..?


  3. Love that pic of your and your hubs, gorgeous dress! And that's a great shot of your niece.
    I love Gaga!! I hated her when she first came out, I thought the whole "Lady Gaga package" was a bit obnoxious.. but now I love her craziness and great music.

  4. I love the blue dress you're wearing! And I agree about Sunday nights!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments.

    @Lollipop - Thanks, the shoes were an absolute steal from e-bay. They cost me £8!!!!

    @Heartshapedbruise - St Moritz is the bargainous price of £3.99 in TK Maxx but if you live near a Savers it is even cheaper, unfortunately we don't have a Savers anywhere in Cornwall but I don't mind paying £3.99!

    @Jo - Lady Gaga is totally bonkers but I think thats what makes her! She really is an amazing performer!

    @Emily - Thank you. The dress is from Miss Selfridge. Thank god Monday is out of the way now hehe!


  6. haha! I love your what's hot and what's not. Very cute :) And I'm going to have to try St Moritz fake tan!

  7. hey sam, try almond oil for your nails.
    just massage it in as often as u can remember and before bed! works a treat!
    m xxx


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