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Accessorize SALE Haul!

SALE SALE SALE!!!  Every girl loves a sale and an Accesorize Sale is probably me favourite kind!  Here's what I picked up yesterday 

Bangle £3.50

Earrings all £3 apart from the round pearls and round gold studs which were £2

Flower Head Band £6

Love Ring £2
Heart Ring £2.50 
Bangles (just seen) £6 for a mix of 7

Love birds necklace £6 I think?
And the scarf was £10

So all in all I got some great Accessorize items for Primark prices! YAY!


  1. Ooh lovely buys there - I went into an Accessorize the other day, all hopeful & excited about what I would find, & to my horror - NO sale!
    What's that all about then!?
    Maybe they were hiding it from me..!


  2. Woo, I went a bit sale crazy in Accessorize too, it's a fantastic sale isn't it?
    Loving your purchases especially the Love Bird necklace and love ring!

  3. Fantastic buys, I love the scarf!

  4. @heartshapedbruise - Oh no, you need to go in now there are loads of lovely things I could have bought the whole shop! There are a few bits online but not half as much! x

    @Kerry - Thank you x

    @Shadow - Im glad I'm not the only one that went sale crazy haha. I love anything with the word love on it x

  5. love the "love" ring. you got such cute things!

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