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Holiday Excitement :-)

I am seriously excited about my holiday now! I spent most all the day packing yesterday. We leave Cornwall for London on Friday and fly out on Saturday. I cannot wait to visit the MAC counter at Heathrow hello tax free make up!

I always find the lead up to a holiday really exciting, I love buying little travel size toiletries, spending AGES packing my suitcase, travelling to the airport, stocking up on magazines and books, and then of course the duty free once you get to the airport.

A few little extras I picked up for the holiday

First stop is LA for 4 days then were off to San Fran for 3 days, then onto Vegas for 3 days and finishing off in New York for 4 days. It will be my 27th birthday whilst I’m in San Francisco so I have been trying to find a nice restaurant for my birthday meal, we are staying in Fishermans Wharf. It will also be Thanks-giving whilst we are in New York so I also need to find somewhere nice for a Thanks-giving meal.

If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants or things to do once we get to our destinations please feel free to leave a comment.

pic from weheartit.com

Here are some things we plan to see and do:

LA - Universal Studios /Hollywood Walk of Fame/Rodeo Drive
San Fran - Alcatraz/Golden Gate Bridge/Golden Gate Park/Lombard Street/China Town

Vegas - Stratosphere/A lot of gambling (even though I have never gambled in my life eek)

New York- Empire State/Central Park/Rockefella Centre/Ground zero/Staten Island/Times Square/Macy's parade

Keep Smiling


  1. Sweet like rich chocolate from godiva...
    Running off my tongue like syrupy strawberry drippings...
    My Coco Chanel...a special blend...


  2. Ooooh have fun!

    Have a look on http://sending-postcards.blogspot.com/ - it's about a couple that got married, sold their house and went travelling. I think they are in the US just now so there's bound to be a few recommendations/must sees on there. x

  3. awww ur lucky, i have always wanted to vist american for thanks giving


  4. I am SO jealous!!! Hope you're having an amazing time!! xx

  5. oh im so jealous you're off the America!! have fun!

  6. those are sick leggings!!!! And lucky you I always wanted to celebrate thanksgiving properly.
    Love Cxx

  7. The design of your blog = sooo pretty!

  8. nice blog :)


  9. That sounds like an amazing vacation!
    xoxo Jazmine

    p.s. u used to follow my old blog but i had to delete it and i remade one so if u could please visit it =] thank u



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