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Rundown of my week

1.Tried Welsh Cakes for the first time and they were yummy.
2 Wore this outfit to the cinema (all from Topshop)
3. Watched Social Network - It was OK but a bit blehh
4. Wore my favourite scarf from Accessorize
5. Made Owl Cupcakes
6. Do you like my apron?
7. More cupcakes
8. Boo cupcakes
9. Cross ring came from ASOS, it was too big so had to send it back and order a small
10. 11 & 12. Went to a Halloween Party, seriously lazy on the costume front so went for the beat up look
13. Photos for my drivers licence. I can't believe my drivers licence has expired, have I really been driving that long!  And seriously, does anyone take a good photo in those stupid photo booths??

Keep Smiling


  1. Loved this post.

    I liked The Social Network though! Although it was a bit blahh in some bits :)


  2. hehehe love the owl cupcakes. I miss the photobooths that used to take 4 different photos on one long strip :( what happened to those?!

  3. so glad you love Welsh cakes!! Love your holiday plan - i did pretty much exactly that a couple of years ago, had an amazing time so I'm sure you will to :D


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