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Project 365 #002 - Jane Green Life Swap Book

002 - New Year......New Book!  I've only really got into reading over the last couple of years but now its very rare for me not to be reading something.  So this is the book I am starting tonight.  I do most of my reading before bed as it sends me to sleep, who needs sleeping tablets when you've got a good book hey?  Jane Green is one of my favourite authors.  I've actually just finished reading Bookends which is my favourite of her books so far closely followed by Beach House. 

Oh and you may have noticed I changed my blog layout.  I liked my old one but wanted a change and wanted something nice and simple.  I'm still making some changes to it so you never know it might change again.

Keep Smiling


  1. I really like your new look for your blog - particularly the new header :)

    Enjoy your book!


  2. The background is really cute x

  3. Love the new background! I got the Beach House as an Xmas pressy so glad to hear its a good read :)

  4. Thanks girls! Oh Rachel you will love the Beach House, it has lots of individual stories in it which I loved x

  5. Cool layout,
    I love Jane Green, she's one of my favourite authors, have you read Jemima J? It was the first, one of hers, I read, I was off work sick for 24hrs and didn't put it down till I'd finished it!
    E x

  6. @Shadow - No I haven't read Jemima J but I want to now! Maybe I'll read that next. x

  7. I read this and thought ooh bookends, I've read that book... but why can't I remember the end??? And then it clicked! I've never even finished the blooming thing, which is quite annoying, as I really enjoyed it, and even bought a few more of her books. I'm glad you've reminded me though, I'm going to have to hunt it out and finish it. x


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