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Project 365 #014 - Toy Story 3

Day 014 - Toy Story 3 - I finally watched this tonight and oh my days........ what a tear jerker.  I actually cried my eyes  out.  

I had today off work which was lovely and Dylan came home from work this afternoon so we spent the afternoon together.  He goes to Oman on Monday for 3 weeks so we are having date night tomorrow.  I'm so used to him going away now, 3 weeks is a doddle, it just sucks when he goes away for months on end :-( Oh well as the saying goes..... absence makes the heart grow fonder xx

Keep Smiling


  1. Argh I STILL have not seen this!


  2. I LOVE Toy Story 3, it was such a great movie! I definitely teared up a bit near the ending.

  3. I watched it at the cinema and have the dvd, can't beat Toy Story ;) x


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