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Project 365 #018 - Heat Mag

Day 018 - Heat Mag - This is what a typical Tuesday looks like for me.  I am so glad that the "big freeze" is over because it was messing up with my heat mag delivery, I was getting it on a Friday instead of a Tuesday BAD TIMES:-(  

I'm still eating my Christmas leftovers and I still have another 2 boxes of mince pies to eat.

Today I had to nip into town to pick up some shampoo, conditioner and deodorant and whilst I was in my local Superdrug (which is probably one of the worst superdrugs in the world)  I found 2 bottles of Gosh Holographic and did a little dance to myself as this stuff is like gold dust and has been discontinued. I wanted it so bad after seeing so many amazing pictures on other blogs, so I bought them both and when I got to the till they were half price BONUS!  I'm thinking of maybe keeping one for myself and then saving the other one for a giveaway when I reach 200 followers.

Keep Smiling


  1. Ooh I really really want that Gosh nail varnish - definitely going to have to check out my Superdrug (although it's pretty much guaranteed, that as I want it so much, they won't have it - that's just how it goes in my life!)


  2. nail varnish looks amazing, so much glitter! LOVE!!!

    Hannah xx

  3. love !! your Photographs of everyday life :)

  4. Mince pies are great! but i'm not a lover of heat magazine!

  5. ps. what camera do you have?! your pics are amazing!

  6. Thanks for the comments I love reading them! My camera is a nikon D3100 and I seriously love it! I've only had it since November and don't get me wrong, im no proffesional but am really enjoying using it. Just need to get myself booked onto a one day photography course so that I can the best out of it xx


I love reading your comments ♥