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Project 365 #024 Help.... I'm cracking up!

Day 024 - Help.... I'm cracking up - Literally I feel like every part of my body is dry and cracking up.  This cold weather is playing havoc with the skin on my hands and arms, my hair is dry, my lips are constantly dry and my nails are chipping left right and centre.  So this week I have decided to apply this Maximum Growth daily nail treatment to my nails every day along with a massive slathering of body lotion, hand lotion, cherry chapstick and a deep conditioner for my hair in an attempt to feel normal again.  I'm also drinking more water as I'm sure a lot of it is down to me being dehydrated.

Keep Smiling

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  1. OMG tell me about it!! my hands are sooo dry and cracking in this cold weather cant even begin to say hor many bottles of body and hand lotion xxx


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