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Project 365 #025 - Thank you Flowers!

Day 025 - Thank you Flowers! - Today I got these delivered to me in work.  They are from my best friend Amy and are a thank you for arranging her baby shower.  They couldn't have come at a better time as I am feeling so fed up in work at the moment and the fact that Dylan isn't here and I'm not even able to speak to him in Oman isn't helping, so these really brightened my day!

My sister and I saw a boy get run over today on our way home from work which was rather disturbing, but thankfully he was fine, he managed to stand up straight away only to have to lie down again, so we got out to make sure an ambulance was called, my legs were shaking so bad but I felt better after I saw that he was ok.

I'm currently sat on my sofa with a deep conditioning treatment on my hair watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!!  I actually felt a bit sorry for them when they were destroying their homes.

Keep Smiling


  1. I felt really sorry for them as well. they not doing any harm are they? So why the hell knock their homes down! Awful how they treated the protesters as well! How cute was that young lad Jerry? Hope u speak to Dylan soon! Keep ya chin up lovely xxxxx

  2. OMG that's so terrible about the boy getting hit. I'm glad he was OK tho!

    Your flowers are very pretty!


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