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SaTuRdAy ChAtTeRdAy

1.  Today I woke up to find that our washing machine had broken!  It has been on the blink for a while now so it wasn't a massive surprise when it decided to just constantly beep at me this morning.  So I have spent the best part of the day walking around Comet and any other electrical store you can think of.  We finally decided on this one by Panasonic. 

cue a boring photo of my new washing machine

2.  I've been really enjoying using my new camera.  Its a Nikon D3100, I've only got the standard 18mm-55mm lens that came with it but I want to get another one I'm thinking maybe an 18-300mm but the Nikkor lenses are sooo expensive, maybe I'll get a Sigma lens instead? Are there any other good lenses out there without the massive price tag??  I'm also hoping to do a day photography course to show me how to get the best out of my camera.

3.  We were woken up in the early hours Friday morning by the loudest thunder and lightening.  Usually I love a good storm and but this was some scary stuff and my poor little dog was so scared so Dylan slept out in the lounge with her to calm her down, bless her.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Keep Smiling


  1. Aww you've got a westie! My parents have got two and they're the most adorable dogs ever!

  2. I want to do a photography course - I bet it would be great fun.x

  3. Lovely post hun. Just caught up on your P365 - really looking forward to seeing the rest! That looks like a great camera, I would like to invest in one at some point. I'll have to see what the birthday fairy brings :D x

  4. oh wow your dog is uber cute :) and i think it was you who asked...my hat is from urban outfitters! in the sale so go get one quick!

    The Flower Girl



  5. Aww, your dog is so cute!!!
    I would love to take a photography course as well!



  6. Thanks for the lovely comments! It is fair to say my dog is a cutie x

  7. Nice photography! Cute dog! I really enjoy your blog! Come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com


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