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★ SaTuRdAy ChAtTeRdAy ★

★ So today was the Baby Shower.  Everything went smoothly and to plan.  We had  a lovely little tea-party with sandwiches, fruit skewers, cupcakes and drank copious amounts of tea! We played a few little games and just had a really lovely afternoon.  I'm all sugared out now though from all the cupcakes (I made the pink ones and injected some jam into the middle for an extra touch).

★ I plan on having a massive lie in tomorrow and painting my nails whilst watching Dancing on Ice.......... I'm so "Rock n Roll"!

Keep Smiling


  1. Aww i adore ur blog, started following few days ago and love it!♥
    those cupcakes look yummy! Who ya fave on dancing on ice? I thought vanilla ice was really good, and like jeff as well.xxxx

  2. Thank you, That's really lovely to hear! My faves on dancing on ice are Sam Attwater, Laura Hamilton and Vanilla Ice, and I thought Kerry Katona was good too, I really want her to do well x

  3. aww cute!! :) looks like you had so much fun! xx


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