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Project 365 #033 - Scrabble Ring

Day 033 - Scrabble Ring - I was so excited to receive my scrabble ring from VIPXO today.  It is just perfect.  I know a lot of other bloggers already have these rings but if you don't already have one and fancy getting one with your initial on it then head over to Victoria's blog, they are an absolute steal at £4, even if you don't want a ring you should check out her blog because it is totally awesome. 

I went to the cinema this evening and watched The King's Speech and really enjoyed it.  I felt so sorry for him.  I really want to watch the Black Swan too but I've heard that its really quite shocking.  Time for bed now, I am absolutely shattered.

Keep Smiling


  1. ah i love this, i'm thinking about getting one too! :)
    love the blog, check out mine if you have time http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/



  2. I got a bracelet from Victoria as well and I love it! How cute are they? I raved about it on my blog too! P.S. I'm a new follower. xx.


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