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Project 365 #037 - Chanel Black Pearl

Day 037 - Chanel Black Pearl - Oh my goodness how gorgeous is this!  I was pleased as punch when my local Debenhams had this in stock (one of the perks of living in Cornwall I suppose?) This is the newest "must have" nail polish from Chanel.  I bought it yesterday and couldn't wait to paint my nails with it this evening.  At £17 they don't come cheap but sometimes its nice to treat yourself.

Today I took my niece to the cinema to watch Tangled.  I am a sucker for Disney and so I knew I would love it and low and behold I did, such a lovely movie.

Eurrrghh back to work tomorrow but on the plus side Dylan comes home on Tuesday......... I am super excited!!!

Keep Smiling

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  1. Gorge colour :)
    <3 your blogg
    Izzy xx


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