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Project 365 #041 - Rihanna Loud/Adele 21

Day 041 - Rihanna Loud/Adele 21 - Today I got these two bad boys in the post.  I ordered them both from Amazon.  Both Rihanna and Adele are performing at this years Brit Awards so I'm excited to see their performances.  I'm also loving the new  statue design for the award this year.

Keep Smiling


  1. I love Adele, she is so so amazing! - She is what real music is all about ! x

    Check out my blog if you can please - http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/

    Hannah xoxo

  2. I must live under a rock or something ... but I've never heard of Adele. I think I'll have to check her music out!

  3. Adele can seriously sing!! @šmaryam check out her new track "rolling in the deep"....... amazing x

  4. I've only ever been to Truro once a few years ago, but it was lovely :) I've been round pretty much everywhere but we've been staying in Perranporth for the last few years we've gone, in a little caravan site up this huge hill. But I love going, can't wait to go this year!


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