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Project 365 #049 - Maisy got a new coat

Day 049 - Maisy got a new coat - Look at Maisy in her gorgeous new tartan coat (sorry for the crap quality I took it on my iphone)  Doesn't she look cute. I tried to order this coat on 4 different occasions and each time there was a problem.  The first company sent me the wrong one and so I returned it to them only for them to replace it with exactly the same one so I returned it AGAIN and got a full refund.  The 2nd and 3rd time I tried to order it I got an email response saying it was out of stock but then I finally found another company that had it in stock and they sent it to me yay!!

I'm so excited its the weekend.  Tomorrow I am heading to town to check out Topshop, it has been closed for over a month as they were having a refit oh how I have missed toppers so much!  I've also been contemplating getting a little heart tattoo on my wrist for like...... forever!  And so may look into that tomorrow whilst i'm in town.  I was going to get it done when I went to the states in November but there just wasn't enough time so watch this space.

This is kind of what I want, only smaller and not in the centre (photo source)

Keep Smiling


  1. maisy is adorable! and very chic in her coat :)

  2. my friend has this done, just slightly near the inside of her wrist :)


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