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Project 365 #055 - The Saturdays on a Thursday

Day 055 - The Saturdays on a Thursday -  I didn't have any time to put my P365 photo up yesterday so here it is now!  My friend Gemma and I went up to Plymouth after work to see the Saturdays  for the second time (we saw them on their first tour in 2009).   They were fab and ridiculously stunning.  We were 4 rows from the front so had a really good view.  It's so nice to see a girl group that can actually sing, they are brilliant live!

I also fell in love with Frankie's shoes so had to take a close up pic haha.

Keep Smiling


  1. I went tonight in Cardiff!! They were great! XO

  2. Frankie always has such gorgeous shoes; i've seen some black ones that she wears that I love!
    V.jealous you got to see The Saturdays live! xx

  3. I've been to see The Saturdays too :) Your photo is brilliant, so jealous of how close you were!!



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