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Project 365 #056 - White Hot Choc

Day 056 - White Hot Choc - Today has been manic I stayed in work 2 hours longer than usual and literally just wanted to sleep as soon as I came through the door.  I didn't get home until gone midnight last night after seeing The Saturdays and was up again at 6:30 this morning.  On the plus side I am now off work for the whole of next week YIPPEE!!! I celebrated this by making white hot chocolates they are delicious, although I rather annoyingly ran out of cream whilst squirting my cup :-(

Keep Smiling


  1. Those marshmallows look adorable! Yummm.

  2. WOW they look super yummy! I deffo want a hot choc now xx

  3. These look SO yummy!
    I just found your blog and am now following :)


  4. That hot chocolate looks gorgeous, bet you were lovely an cosy with that ^__^
    I also have a week off from uni this week, can't wait, but I'm sat making lists of things I need to do so I'm keeping myself busy :') Hope you enjoy your week, make the most of it!

    Jess xx


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