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Elnett V Tesco ProFlex

I was fortunate enough to be sent some hairspray to try a while ago.  The contenders are Elnett and Tesco ProFlex  

Now obviously Elnett is a well known brand used by many a hair stylist and it is a really great all round hairspray, however...... I was interested to see how the Tesco version compared as it claims to do pretty much the same as Elnett but has a much lower price tag (always a bonus right!?!). 

I thought I'd test both products out by curling my hair on two separate occasions for evenings out to see which one dealt with my curls the best. 

Scores all out of 

First up was Elnett Satin Volume Extra Strength  - 

Price -  - £3.54 - Not bad considering its such a well known brand

Smell - ★ -In my opinion it has a very old fashioned smell about it.  It smells like a perfume that your gran might wear, not everyones cup of tea.

Hold - ★ - It claims to be "extra strength" and "very volume".  The hold was pretty good but I felt like I needed to use quite a lot of it and I didn't find it massively volumising.

Staying power -★- My curls loosened about an hour or so after spraying which you can probably see from the photo, I actually didn't mind this and then they pretty much stayed  put all evening.  

Overall Score - 

Sorry about the crapola pic - It was the only one that showed all of my hair

Tesco ProFlex Hairspray Max Hold Styling - 

Price - ★ - £2.04 - Great price

Smell -  - This had a more typical hairspray smell to it (which I actually preferred) but it is quite subtle and not too overpowering

Hold -  - Great hold - I again felt like I needed to use quite a bit, but I definitely thought the hold was a lot better. 

Staying power - ★ - Good - Don't get me wrong by the end of the night my curls had most definitely dropped but I had been in a hot and sticky bar dancing all night so you have to expect it really :-)

Overall Score - ★

Both hairsprays claim it disappears at the stoke of a brush, which it does but it doesn't make that granny smell disappear from the Elnett does it........oh no.

All in all they are both great hairsprays and neither are very expensive.  Since doing this little comparison test I have to say I have reached for the Tesco one over Ellnett, and I will most definately be replacing it when I run out.

Keep Smiling


  1. i would never have thought a tesco hairspray would beat Elnet!

    lovely blog, im now following, would love your thoughts on mine xxx

  2. Nice review. Wow it makes me remember the days when I used to use my Mum's Insette Extra hold hairspray to spike my hair. Ah those were the days lol.

  3. I have the tesco hairspray, I've been using it for ages, it definitely smells much less granny-ish than the elnett!


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