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Project 365 #072 - Ombre Round 2

Day 072 - Ombre Round 2 - Ok so I went ahead and put another lightening kit on my ends and it definitely lifted more of the orange tinge to more of a yellow tone so I then went ahead and put on a medium ash blonde and I am soooo happy with how it has turned out, the ash tones totally eliminated the brassiness and I actually quite like it so will definitely be keeping it like this for a while.

Here is how I did it:

This is how my hair looked before the whole process
What I used
Mix the bleach
I separated my hair into 4 sections - 2 sections on the bottom half and 2 on the top half
I painted on the bleach - I literally just slapped it on and wasn't very careful about it either and then wrapped it up in tin foil for 60 minutes.
This is how it looked after 60 minutes before rinsing
After rinsing and blow drying - bit of a ginge tinge
So I then went ahead and repeated the process again using Jerome Russell B Blonde first and then used the Perfect 10 medium ash blonde to tone it all done and VOILA the end result.

Keep Smiling


  1. I looks really good! Thanks for explaining how you did it, i'm still not sure about doing it myself though, mainly because I've never really coloured my hair before. p.s do you think I can bend the lent spending rules, simply because I'm going to a theme party at the weekend so I need to buy something to wear ? haha x

  2. That looks gorgeous, well done!

  3. Looks so nice! :)
    Quite tempted to try it out ! xxx

  4. looks gorgeous :) i would never trust myself to do this haha xx


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