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Project 365 #076 - Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days!

Day 076 - Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days! - I got home from work to find the delivery guy standing on my doorstep....... talk about perfect timing, and this it what he was bearing in his hands, I literally snatched it from him haha!  Cannot wait to get my teeth into this book, I plan on baking something from it over the weekend.

I have literally been watching Chris Moyles on the red button since I came home from work (its rather addictive).  Can't believe he has been on the air for so long without any sleep all in the aid of Comic Relief and they have raised over 1 million pounds already.  Everyone should donate, it's such a great cause.

Had THE worst nights sleep last night, we had a black out in some areas of Cornwall last night and I was woken at 1am by my neighbours house alarm going off, all of my phones were beeping in my house and the dog was going crazy, this happened not once but THREE times in one night, not a happy bunny.  The good news is my cold is way better today and even better news is that tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Keep Smiling


  1. Yay I got this today too!! Everything looks so delicious and I can't wait to start baking from it. I haven't watched Chris and Dave on the red button yet, but I am dipping in and out of the radio. They're doing brilliantly and I have donated 3 times so far. I also donated to Scott Mills' desert trek, so it's safe to say I've done my bit this year hehe xxx

  2. I love cookery books!
    Share some of the recipes and show us the results :-)

  3. I am jealous of the book!
    The hair is looking really good too !

  4. @lollipop - You can definitely watch Comic Relief guilt free tomorrow haha. They are doing so well arent they! xx

    @Mercedes - Dont worry I plan on sharing photos and recipes this weekend :-) x

    @haribohats - Thanks. Hows your shopping ban going? I've not caved in yet (i'm not classing hair dye as make up!)did you manage to get your outfit sorted?

  5. Ooh I'd love to have that book, I really wanna make loads of yummy cupcakes this weekend :)
    And your hair looks lovely here, enjoy your weekend!

    Jess xx

  6. Amzing isnt it, Think I'm gonna do the Mini Mojito Cupcakes tonight look so nice xx

  7. I love baking cakes although I'm not particularly good at it.
    Your hair is beautiful <3

  8. @Sam, my spending ban is going pretty well, but I have to remind myself it's only been a week and I finally have money again so it might get a bit harder haha. Turns out I'm working saturday night so I don't have to worry about a party outfit...I have eyed up about a million things for as soon as its over though!


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