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Project 365 #081 - Cape Cornwall

Day 081 - Cape Cornwall - As someone that lives in Cornwall I sometimes think that views like this are unappreciated by locals. I absolutely love living in Cornwall, the people are seriously laid back, there is no rush to do anything (Dylan's favourite saying is "I'll do it tomorrow") as for beaches we are spoilt for choice with over 150 to choose from!  So we took a trip to St Just and Cape Cornwall as it's somewhere I have never visited.  We took a stroll up to the watchtower, the views were beautiful and the sea air blew the cobwebs away.

Keep Smiling


  1. Just stunning views isn't it, My Aunt lives in Truro and whenever we go down and see i'm always blown away by how stunning Cornwall is and the beaches are incredible, especially love Tregurrian Beach xoxo

  2. Looks beautiful! I would love to live near the sea xx

  3. Looks so nice! :) I'm so thankful for the good weather lately, it makes everything feel better! xxx

  4. It looks beautiful there - I'm starting to wish I lived near somewhere like this! xx


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