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Project 365 #083 - Meet Twinkle

Day 083 - Meet Twinkle - This is Twinkle and she has been living in my car for about 3-4 years now.  She was actually just a Christmas decoration for my car but I decided she was too cute to put away and she has lived there ever since.  My car has had a serious clean and now smells delish.  There's something quite satisfying about driving in a freshly cleaned car, its kind of the same feeling as when you leave a hairdressers haha

Keep Smiling


  1. She's well cute! I wish I'd have thought about decorating my car like that xx

  2. I love having a clean car, sadly with 2 smelly Pugs it's not always possible! x

  3. haha thats adorable! I have a xmas star decoration that I have left hanging from my curtain pole because its too nice to keep in a box for 11 months of the year

  4. awh that's cute..can't wait to get a car lol

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