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Project 365 #085 - Framing my pics

Day 085 - Framing my pics - Today has been a day of photos!  I was woken at 8:30am by my doorbell, it was the postie with my photos that I ordered to go in my frames. We are basically having a photo wall in our lounge, its kinda like a shrine to our marriage as every photo is just of me and Dylan haha.  We are planning on doing another photo wall of all our friends and family as well so were not completely self absorbed ha.

This afternoon I went to Starbucks for a cheeky latte and then spent the rest of the afternoon at my sisters house scanning photos for a photo book that we are putting together for mum for mothers day, I also managed to blag dinner and a cupcake whilst I was there, result!!

Keep Smiling


  1. I love framing photos, that is such a good idea. Cute photos btw, and also great idea for mothers day!!

  2. Lovely idea and the photos are really cute - You are a very beautiful couple! xxx


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