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Project 365 #086 - Lush Ex Factor Bath Ballistic

Decapitating the little blue man haha

Day 086 - Lush Ex Factor Bath Ballistic - Today I laughed a lot with my sister, we put the finishing touches to our Mothers Day Photo Book and had such a laugh looking at the horrendous photos of us growing up.  I've got to say though I have really enjoyed picking which photos to go in the book and writing cheeky little captions next to the pictures and it's always lovely just spending time with my sister!  And then this evening we all piled in the car and went to mum and dads for roast dinner so I've had a lovely weekend with the family!

Tonight I thought i'd give this bath ballistic a go from Lush, I've had it in my stash for a while now but keep forgetting about it.  It smells bloomin lovely but nothing beats my favourite bath time treat from Lush - Karma bubble bar, smells ah mazing and leaves your bathroom smelling sweet for days!

Well I suppose I should try and go to bed and get into the swing of the clock change.  Night Night

Keep Smiling


  1. I love looking at pictures from "back in the day", even though many are quite embarrassing its still fun! xo


  2. I love looking at old photos even if I would be to embarrassed to show them to anyone else. The bath looks lovely, might have to try that product out X

  3. You've abused that poor little blue man, however Im sure it was worth it, those ones smell awesome

    Loved the blog post xx



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