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Project 365 #096 - I wish my fingers were greener!!

Day 096 - I wish my fingers were greener!! - Phew I have had a busy day.  I went straight into town after work to buy some garden refuse bags only to find that the shop had just decided to close at 1pm on a Wednesday (I was not happy about this as they are the ONLY shop in town that sells the bags).

So I went home and cut my grass as the weather has been so bloomin marvelous today and then halfway through trimming the edges my strimmer decides to break!! You can probably tell how far I got before it broke from looking at the photo)  This is my second strimmer and wasn't cheap.  So I then took an emergency dash to Argos to buy the cheapest one I could find, there was no way I was spending a fortune because it quite clearly doesn't make any difference and finally I have a lawn fit for a queen.

I then somehow managed to find time to do the weekly food shop, eat my tea and do some cleaning.  I feel like Mary Poppins!

I was then pleasantly surprised to recieve a tweet from Lollipop Loves this evening who informed me that I am currently number 1 on Bloglovin Up & Coming Bloggers.  Chuffed as nuts

Keep Smiling


  1. I like your shed...part of me hopes that inside is a little personal tea shop :)

  2. Hi Sam, I am a new follower (sent this way by Sofia!) and am really enjoying reading your blog (especially the ones about you and Dylan!)
    Living vicariously through you two,
    A new follower, x!

  3. Your lawn is so gorgeous! I'm officially jealous :P
    mine looks like...well i'd rather not say, but it looks like something a cat dragged in compared to yours!


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