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Project 365 #097 - 27 and sleep with a teddy!!

Day 097 - 27 and sleep with a teddy - Didn't have time to put my photo up yesterday as I had friends round for tea after work, we had pizza and then spent the evening cooing over my friends baby.  But anyhoo here it is in all its glory, and yes its true at 27 years of age I sleep with a teddy, but only when Dylan is at work.  My friend Leah bought me this teddy to cheer me up when I told her Dylan was going to the Falkands back in 2009 and since that day it has been on my bed (and yes I actually cuddle it in my sleep, although I think thats mainly for warmth haha what a loser)

Please tell me I'm not the only loser out there that sleeps with a teddy! It gets lonely when Dylan isn't here haha.

Keep Smiling


  1. Awww I do sometimes!
    Though usually poor lil Woogie (yes it has a name) falls out of the bed haha :)
    Izzy x

  2. I sleep with one sometimes! Because I have a long distance relationship I don't normally mind sleeping alone, but if i've spent sometime with my boyfriend it feels weird when I'm on my own again, so teddy comes out for the first few nights until I get used to it! xx

  3. I have a teddy that lives right next to my bed, sometimes in it if it's extra cold or I need a cuddle and my boyfriend is away! Extra cute xx

  4. Haha I'm loving the comments, So glad i'm not alone x

  5. Not at all, my best friend is 25 and still sleeps with a teddy. In fact, she has 3 that she sleeps with, they all have a particular night...even when her boyf is there!

    Oh dear, I've made her sound awful sad, but she's not really! HaHa :)

    D x


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