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Project 365 #099 - Date Night

Day 099 - Date Night - Last Night was date night and Dylan and I went to this lovely restaurant in Newquay called Viners.  Just look at how cute it is from the outside, its just as nice inside.  The food was delish and the staff were so friendly.

I spent the morning milling around B&Q buying paint and then spent the afternoon pre treating my shed (so glamorous) in prep for it to be painted today so expect a nice pic of that later.

Keep Smiling


  1. Lookss lovely, I <3 reading your blog :)
    Its always so well layed out and its just a pleasure to read :)
    Izzy x

  2. Great picture, that place looks so inviting.
    I take my wife to a place similar to that for quiet drinks away from all the riff raff.

  3. Ooh that place looks so lovely! xx

  4. looks so romantic :)

    I'd like to go there ~!!

  5. Aw looks lovely! Glad you had a lovely time hun xx


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