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Project 365 #103 - Giving my nails a break

Day 103 - Giving my nails a break - I have been trying to give my nails a break recently as they are in terrible condition, all brittle, splitting and breaking everywhere so I am giving the polish a rest for a couple of weeks and I'm going to buff them up like mad, get the cuticle oil going and put a maximum growth coat on along with gallons of hand cream.  Hopefully i'll have beautiful talons by the end of it.

Posts might be a little sparse over the next few days as I'm entertaining guests but I will try my best.

Keep Smiling


  1. the leopard nail buffer is cute, have fun entertaining your guests!

  2. Good luck! I really need to do this too, I've been wearing gel nails or nail polish non stop for ages and my nails currently look absolutely terrible, so I think I'll be giving this a try.

  3. Have a lovely time with friends hun xx

  4. I'm doing the same with my nails! I cut them short a couple of weeks ago and they were doing great. Then I had to help my mum with her job, which involved lots of hand-sewing. My nails were ruined and now I'm back to square one again! ): I can't wait for them to grow and then I can paint them with some gorgeous colours for spring :) xxx

  5. i really need to give my nails a break too and get them in good condition for summer :)

  6. Hope ou have a fun time with your guests



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