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Project 365 #104 - I'm a sucker for a freebie

Day 104 - I'm a sucker for a freebie - I did the weekly food shop today and just simply couldn't pass up on this offer.  Buy 2 Kellogg's cereals and get a bowl free, am I just a massive loser or is this cool or what!!  I'm one of those sad people that go to McDonalds when they do the free coca cola glass offer and try and get as many as I can haha.

Dylan is back on base and my guests have gone to a retirement do tonight so I decided to catch up on last nights Kerry Katona The Next Chapter because I love a good reality show, and wow her mum really is something else isn't she, she really made me quite angry.

Think I might try and get an early night tonight and curl up in bed with my magazines.  Oh and I received a really lovely e-mail today that made me smile, thank you Katie xx

Keep Smiling


  1. haha I do that with Mcdonalds glad i'm not the only one! OMG kerrys mum is a real nasty piece of work can't believe some1 can be son ungrateful, even after all the stories she has sold on kerry and kerry still does all that for her,Nasty cow! Maybe if she got off her arse and got a job she could of had her own place! But how cute is little Heidi such a sweetie! xx

  2. @Hayley - I know!!, I actually couldn't believe what I was watching. I sat there swearing at the TV, ungrateful cow. I loved how Neville didn't hold back and said exactly what he thought of her xx

  3. Haha I love that bowl! Might have to go and get some kellogs now. And you're welcome! xx

  4. I'm just the same
    Thanks for the tip LOVE IT

  5. not long till we can't start spending again and you wont have to get your fix from freebies !
    I have awarded you the versatile blogger award too, sorry if you have already won it ! x


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