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Project 365 #105 - Pretty Daffodils

Day 105 - Pretty Daffodils - Unfortunately all the daffodils in my garden have died off but I picked up this bunch from Tesco on Thursday for 60p (they were on offer) and by the next day they had opened up to this.  They are not your usual daffodil but I have no idea what kind they are, surely they must have a special name, can someone please tell me?

Spent the evening eating Chinese takeaway and watching the Notebook with my friends as they have never seen it and I was explaining that it is the most beautiful film ever (they agreed).

Keep Smiling


  1. love daffodils! these look lovely :) xx

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!! :)

    My Mum lives in Cornwall and sometimes sends me up daffs which haven't opened yet in the post (with a bit of damp kitchen roll round them!) which is always a lovely surprise! :)

    http://pinklittlebean.blogspot.com/ x

  3. Those daffodils are gorgeous, we've got a few popping up in our front garden atm, made my mum dead happy :)
    I love the Notebook, definitely a beautiful film

    Jess xx

  4. We have a huge field and it's currently full of daffodils! I can't wait for all the daisies to start growing as there are always loads of them :) xxx

  5. We got some of those as well! I think they're called double daffodils :)


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