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Project 365 #106 - Beach Bum

Day 106 - Beach Bum - More than 1 photo today because I went to 2 lovely places with my friends that are staying with me.  Firstly we went to Helston Boating Lake and took my friends 2 year old daughter to the park and then took a stroll around the lake and fed the ducks.  All of the trees were in full blossom and looked absolutely stunning.

After a quick stop in Starbucks for a vanilla latte we then took a trip to Portreath Beach, its not one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall but it was still lovely to get some sea air and feel the warm sand in between my toes nevertheless.

Keep Smiling


  1. ahhhh I love Portreath, gorgeous beach, lovely pictures xx

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  3. I really love your pictures :) especially the one of the beach.

    Follow me and i will follow back :)
    Grace xxx


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