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Project 365 #108 - Primarni Jewels

Day 108 - Primarni Jewels - Today I wore my finest most expensive jewellery.  I think the whole lot came to about £3 last year haha.  I really love these earring and am so glad I bought them last year as aztec/tribal seems to be all the rage this year.  The ring is just the most beautiful aqua/turqouise shade.  And this people, is why I love Primark!

I get to go shopping in 5 days time, YAY I am V excited about hitting up Primark, I've even been dreaming about shopping I've missed it that much.  6 weeks of no shopping is hard work. I think next year i'll give up something easier for lent.

Keep Smiling


  1. I have that ring! I've had so much wear out of it :)

  2. luurvin the primary jewels! Gosh well done giving up shopping for 6 weeks - I bet you are super excited about going to Primark! I think I would be exploding with joy! :) x

  3. I always find primark rings are too big for me!
    Love the earings though! :-)


  4. You look so pretty, loving the jewels :) Very impressed you gave up shopping for 6 weeks! x

  5. Aw you look so pretty, I'm loving this current turquoise jewellery trend. And omg I can't believe you gave up shopping for Lent that's amazing - well done you. I probably should have done the same as have spent far too much recently..oops ha. Also thanks for following me I'm glad you liked my blog :) x

  6. earrings are lovely! the colour really compliments you x x x


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