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Project 365 #109 - Din Dins

Day 109 - Din Dins - Here is a pic of what I just tucked into for my dinner tonight.  Its really simple, just a Mediterranean rice (thanks Uncle Ben) and smoked haddock with a side of salad.  Tasty.  Sometimes it can be really difficult cooking for one whilst Dylan is at work. I usually end up having the same old thing day in day out - jacket potato is a favourite along with pasta.

I'm off to the cinema with friends tonight to watch Red Riding Hood.  I'm expecting good things as it is the same director as the Twilight films and It has Amanda Seyfried in it who I adore but never know how to pronounce her name??

Oh and I found out the best news today, Tom from McFly proposed to his childhood sweetheart Giovanna
I LOVE MCFLY - no really I do

Keep Smiling


  1. Looks yummy! :) Have a fun time at the cinema xx

  2. So jeal of your dinner, I havent made mine yet and I really cba, probs going to be a bowl of cereal


  3. Oh I saw him tweet something about congratulations and I didn't know what had happened, I just remembered! That looks lovely xxx

  4. awww I like how that's your best news of the day.....I love Mcfly too!!! xxx


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