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Project 365 #110 - Getting my tan on

Day 110 - Getting my tan on - Spent the evening tanning for a night out.  St Moriz is by far my fave self tanner to date.  I have tried St Tropez, Fake Bake, NO7, Olay, Rimmel instant tan and personally I think St Moriz wins hands down. Unfortunately it does have that typical fake tan biscuit smell but I find slapping on A LOT of baby lotion and perfume usually masks the smell quite well.  Gloves are a definite must when applying this as you don't want the dreaded telltale signs in between your fingers.

So glad its Easter Weekend :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Have you tried the spray? Excited about shopping?! x

  2. Hope you have a fabby night out!! :) I quite like the smell of fake tan oddly enough!! xx

  3. Ooh I need to buy some fake tan, I'm so pale at the moment! Not tried that one so thanks for the tip :)

  4. Too bad there's no St. Moriz here, I'll have to try to find it online x

  5. I used this for the first time last night. I am a fake tan newbie! St.Moriz was so easy and gave me a streak free tan :) I put mine on before bed and then washed it off in the morning! I think it smells like soap! x

  6. I hate how it take a while to rub in but dries quick too, hard to describe but overall definitely my fav fake tan!
    I have a box of 200 gloves and 5 bottles i orded in bulk haha
    Take a look at my blog over here :)
    petitsjoiesdelavie.blogspot.com xxx


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