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Project 365 #112 - Our new favourite crisps

Day 112 - Our new favourite crisps - Dylan and I tucked into these little beauties tonight whilst watching the film Easy A. Our friend Matt bought them for us because we had dip but no crisps, yep really clever I know........ they taste like heaven and how cute is the packaging.

Today we spent the day painting our fence (exciting huh) but we didn't even manage to get halfway through as it started to rain.  Hopefully we'll be able to finish it off on Sunday because tomorrow I am going SHOPPING in Plymouth as lent is officially over yes yes yes.  I actually can't wait.

Keep Smiling


  1. Those crisps are delicious. I am in England from the states and had them in a pub in the New Forest. Tasty! Good luck with your fence and happy shopping!

  2. I've never heard of those crisps - love the packaging though :)

    Hope you have lots of fun & shopping success in Plymouth! Looking forward to seeing the results!


  3. omg i love those crisps! they kinda taste like kettle chips, but they'll never be as good as them aha

    hope you'll visit back


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