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Project 365 #113 - I want to be a princess!!

Day 113 - I want to be a princess - Haha is this the funniest thing you've ever seen or what? I FINALLY went shopping in Plymouth today and bought this amazing Kate Middleton mask and replica ring (I did buy more than just this but will show you that tomorrow).  I'm off to a Royal Wedding Party next Friday and my friend and I will be donning these brilliant masks.

I've had such a fun day hitting the shops today with my friend Amy.  Primark came up trumps for me I bought 4 pairs of shoes for less than a tenner, WINNER.  We then sang along very loudly to Take That all the way home in the car, good times.

Just tucked into a Chinese whilst watching BGT and I'm now watching million pound drop.  Oh and my iPhone broke yesterday :-( the backlight on my screen has broken so I can only use it in the daylight, bad times.

Keep Smiling


  1. oh i love this! i so want the imitation ring. i'm having a royal wedding garden party and we have a whole host of masks and products covered in union jacks, i don't think i've ever been more nationalistic! such a shame about your iphone, maybe take it to the genius bar and see if they can fix it. they've solved problems with mine far too many times! x

  2. I love Plymouth's Primark! I always go up there ha. I love the mask ;) I'd die if my iPhone broke :O xx

  3. That mask is literally hilarious!

    Plymouth's Primark is pretty ace - I may well need a trip there myself soon.. Looking forward to seeing your purchases :)


  4. Haha love it. That ring doesn't look cheap at all! I've been after a replica ring myself but all the ones I've seen look like something out of a cracker. Either it's an ok-ring or your photography skills are immense ;) xxx

  5. loving all the royal wedding stuff, but don't even have any plans yet! I've also got Take That's new album on in my car, in preperation for seeing them live xxx

  6. Aw I wish here in Scotland people were half as excited about the wedding, a street party would be amazing! :)


  7. Haha these are brilliant! My friend's having a royal wedding party with loads of cardboard cutouts etc but I'm definitely going to get a mask and that Primark ring and turn up with them on!xx

  8. that is SO FUNNY! i hope you have fun :) xx


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