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Project 365 #116 - Temporary Measures

Day 116 - Temporary Measures - So my dearly beloved iPhone is with Mr Fixit and this is my temporary phone until I pick it back up.  It feels so weird to have such an ordinary phone after being spoilt with my iPhone.  Its amazing how times change isn't it? My first mobile phone was a brick and you couldn't even text from it, it was purely used as a telephone for ringing people and now I hardly ever use my phone as an actual "phone" I use it for all the apps, facebook, twitter, e-mail etc...

I'm going to shut up now as I am starting to sound like my dad (back in my day..................)

In other news I went out for a lovely meal in Ask for a leaving do for one of the girlies in work, great food, great company, great night xx
Keep Smiling


  1. OMG, I have this phone too. Somewhere. In one of my drawers.

    And I've just remembered my first ever phone. It was a Motorola. And it was huge. And I kind of wish I still had it - would have been such a cool 'antique' item :-P


  2. My phone is ridiculously horrendous, but I'm a bit of techno-phobe when it comes to phones...texting, calling and the occasional checking of fb is all i can bare!

    Love Ask! I had this prawn pasta there once and it was amazing, they do great vouchers too xx

  3. Adorable blog, I love all your posts! x


  4. hahaa, i have a very similar phone, almost the same just with a flip over the keyboard :D
    In the ol' days :)
    izzy <3 xx


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