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Project 365 #117 - Bedtime Treats

Day 117 - Bedtime Treats - There is nothing better than settling down to bed with a good old magazine and look my iPhone is back all fixed yay.  Apparently it was my LCD panel that had broken so he replaced it and now it lights up like a star!

Went to see Scream 4 with my friend Charlotte and it was so terrible.  It wasn't scary at all, the acting was awful, the plot was awful and Courtney Cox's face looked awful, AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. WTF has she done to her lips, seriously.  The next film I want to watch is Beastly which has Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettiffer in it, looks a bit like Beauty and the Beast :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Yeah, Beastly is meant to be a modern take on Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I can't wait to see it! XXX

  2. Ah, looks like you had a nice cosy night, i was exhausted last night too, happy royal wedding!


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