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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

When I first started this blog I did a little post called Whats Hot and Whats Not and I don't know why but I just stopped doing it....... I think I might start it again on a weekly basis every Friday. So here goes.......

Whats Hot

☼  Its Friday and I finished work at 11:30am today, good times

☼  Curry and a movie tonight - Due Date is the film of choice

☼  Husband being home makes me 

☼  JLo On the Floor - cracking tune

☼  Starfish in hair - I am soooo going to make some of these for my hair this summer

☼  Taylor Swift - I just love her, nuff said

☼  Olay gradual tanning lotion - Forgot how much I love this stuff, it definitely perked up my pasty complexion this week

Whats Not

☼  The weather this week - windy and rainy, April showers and all that

☼  All my fave clothes shops/websites having sales!! Why did I give up shopping for lent??

☼  The nasty spot that appeared on my chin yesterday 
(didn't think you'd appreciate a pic of this so here is barbie sporting a zit instead haha)

☼  Rebecca Black - Friday - This song is so god damn awful
All pics are either from weheartit or my own.

Keep Smiling


  1. Love this post! Your dog is just too cute and I'm quite obsessed with J Lo's new song - it's fab! <3 x

  2. Love this post!! LOL at the barbie pic! xx

  3. <3 taylor swift and the barbie :)
    Hate friday!
    Its soooo annoying!
    Izzy x


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