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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼


Sudocrem - This stuff is amazing for spots and came in handy with the whopper that I had on my chin this week.  Combined with E45 I managed to get rid of the spot in no time at all - is it weird that I also really like the smell?
(pic my own)

Peace Sign - I am loving anything with a peace sign on it at the mo, i'm after a baggy tee with the sign on it

Bokeh - Gotta get me some of this (Yep its another peace sign)

BBQ season - Can't wait to strike up the barbie this year

Driving with the windows down and the tunes turned up singing your heart out with your hair blowing all over the place (yes I have air con but it's just not the same)

Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights Bigger City (preferably listened to in my car with the windows down as above)


Wearing my old clothes - Yes I am referred to my shopping ban again, I wish lent was over already!

Having to cancel my Easter annual leave in work because of a mistake that one of my silly colleagues made (I was not a happy bunny)

Dads Having A Baby - This programme was plain weird and disturbed me just a touch

(pic from Channel4 )

Adele - Someone Like You - Now this isn't actually a true "NOT" because I really do love this song but I am hating how much they are overplaying it EVERYWHERE, i'm worried that soon I'm going to dislike it

All Pics from weheartit unless otherwise stated

Keep Smiling


  1. Dad's having a baby freaked me out too- I just couldn't believe they were both women, my brain hurts from thinking about it all! Completely with you on the bbq front, hello disposable bbq in the park tomorrow!xx

  2. I do the driving thing too, I was talking about it in my last post! I think your inhibitions disappear when the suns out, even when your stopped at a traffic light haha

  3. Great post! I'm going to a barbecue on Sunday so really hoping the sun stays out! I love peace signs too, that picture with all the hands is so cute :)
    And yeah, I agree about the dads having a baby programme, I totally agree that as long as they aren't harming anyone then its their own business but I found it really odd that he was a guy but had kept female parts! :S

  4. oooh I haven't ever used Sudocream but it sounds good, and prob really good at lots of skin problems :-) shame about your Easter leave being screwed up, hope you manage to get it sorted and get a few days off xx

  5. Ive seen a baggy peace tee in H&M x

  6. I couldn't agree more with your last point - such a great song but dreadfully overplayed. Now it's drilled into my mind and I don't liiiiiiiike this feeling of knowing EVERY single word.
    So excited for Summmerrrrrrrrr. WOOO

  7. Thanks for the shoutout lady! Eek, I haven't seen that tv show yet but i'm not sure that I want to!

  8. I totally agree about sudocream, its great for getting rid of spots and i love the smell as well, is it me or does it smell sort of cinnamony?
    love the whats hot and whats not list, it reminds me of something similar in Heat! x

  9. I loved adele's song, now I hate it. sad times. :(


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