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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

Whats Hot

Mollie King - I want her whole wardrobe please

Head Scarves - Need to get me one of these for summer

The Royal Wedding - Is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to the wedding

Dionne Bromfield - Yeah Right

Whats Not
The temperamental weather -  One minute Im wearing a maxi dress the next I'm wearing a jumper??

My nails - As I said in previous posts they are god damn awful

Running out of perfume - I have no idea what fragrance to get next any suggestions welcome

Mac Studio Sculpt - I really DO NOT like this foundation, it takes forever to blend in and looks cakey. I just didn't get on with it at all. I bought it months and months ago and am trying to use it up but I'm starting to think I might just throw it in the bin

A few good reads - WhitWatWear, Faye Cavania,  bikinis and passportsmariannannafeitar

Keep Smiling


  1. Mollie King's style is lovely! She's def. one of my style crushes!! Also, I agree with the weather! Why won't it just make it's mind up!?

    Would you like to enter me giveaway? :) xxx

  2. oh my totally agree with everything on your 'what's hot' list - i love how mollie mixes high street and designer so effortlessly and dionne bromfield is AMAZING. plus i'm majorly obsessed with the royal wedding - i'm hoping the weather's going to be nice enough to have a themed garden party on the 29th april. i'm so sad!!!! x

  3. I agree about Mollie King, major clothes/shoes/accesorie envy! xx

  4. try putting macs fix+ over the foundation when youve put it on... thats what i do to take the cakeyness away :) works great!

  5. Oooh thanks for the tip Laura xx

  6. I'm so glad to hear someone else who hates studio fix. I got a sample to test it out for my wedding, and I cannot believe how much I don't like this foundation. Once I only managed to put it on half my face before I had to take it back off again. Is it just me or does this foundation feel like it never dries?


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