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Project 365 #124- Bombay Potatoes

Day 124 - Bombay Potatoes - Hola Chica's.  Cooked Bombay Potatoes for din dins tonight.  You might find it a bit weird that I had brocolli with it but I actually love veg and like to mix random things together (my mum makes me pasta with my roast dinner yep PASTA instead of roasties).

I had planned on re-ombreing my hair tonight but cleaning, cooking and youtube all got in the way so I plan on doing it tomorrow instead.  Nothing else to report really.

Keep Smiling


  1. Yummm they look gooood! And I love veg too :) x

  2. mmm that looks yum - i love brocolli - would eat it with everything if my husband would let me! haha i love the bit about 'cooking, cleaning and youtube got in the way'!

  3. Bombay potatoes are soo, they're one of my favourite things to eat when I'm out, never thought to cook them myself though, no idea why!
    Ah you can have brocolli with anything, I love mixing it with cauliflower cheese ^_^


  4. I love Bombay Potatoes, always have them with an Indian Meal.

    Sadie x


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