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Project 365 #125 - Re-Ombred

Day 125 - Re-Ombred - Please excuse the bare, make up free face and PJ's but I had just got out of the shower and was actually ready for bed.  So I re-ombred my hair and I am super pleased with how it turned out this time.  I took the highlights further up my hair this time as I still had a lot of really dark in the middle section of my hair (It was darker than my roots) I then threw the usual ash blonde hair dye over the top of it to tone it down and this is the result I got :-)  I will probably need to use another hair dye for the mid section again though as I can foresee orange tinges coming back.

Keep Smiling


  1. It looks really lovely!! :) xxx

  2. You look great without makeup and you look great xx

  3. it looks so lovely, think i might do mine today too since it's raining out! x

  4. Love your hair! Looks so well looked after x


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