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Project 365 #130 - You call that a fridge??

Day 130 - You call that a fridge?? - Ordered a new fridge because quite frankly this is more like a freezer.  Look at that massive block of ice at the back (it seems we also have a lot of love for jam in our house).  I cannot wait to get rid of this heap of junk.  Tip of the day - Never buy anything by Hotpoint.  Our previous washing machine was Hotpoint and we had nothing but trouble with it.

Photography course tonight was all about depth of field and we got to use Photoshop (was very excited about this).

Keep Smiling


  1. I love a bit of muller rice :)

  2. Oh my god they are lush aren't they!! I'm actually a little bit obsessed with the custard flavour ones x

  3. hello, there ~!
    your blog is so nice and loverly ;)


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