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Project 365 #131 - New project - Painting everything I see white

Day 131 - New project - Painting everything I see white - It seems I have a new obsession with the colour white.  I basically want all of my rooms (bar the lounge) to be painted white and all the furniture in them to be white.

This chest of drawers was actually taken from when I lived with my parents.  I have massive hatred for the colour of pine so guess what Mr Tallboy your being painted WHITE, hopefully this weekend.

In other news.......... I mowed the lawn, cut my dads hair, and then went for a walk with mum, dad and the pooch.  The weather was so beautiful this evening.

Keep Smiling


  1. haha, have fun painting! Do you just use regular white paint or something special for that dresser?

  2. I will use a white wood paint. I dont think ordinary paint works quite as well x

  3. That will look so pretty! :) I love white furniture! xx

  4. I'm totally with you about painting everything white. We have a dark sitting room and I would love to paint it all white but it would look odd so I have just injected a few white pieces into it to brighten it up x

  5. I'll look forward to seeing the end result. I have such a 'thing' for painted wood, especially when it gets a little battered and worn.
    Have fun!


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